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One Down, One To Go

Posted on November 21, 2014 by in Big News | No Comments

You know how sometimes you can blow things all out of proportion; begin to think of everything that can go wrong, dwell on all your shortcomings?  I do it all the time, and did it where my recent appearance at Sno-Isle Library’s Author Next Door event in the Stanwood branch on Wednesday. Never having really done an author’s event before, I pictured a room with only ten percent of the seats filled, crickets chirping, and me mm a deer in the headlights at the front table.

Instead, the room was packed, and the event well organized.  The other authors were fabulous, bright, passionate, diverse, well spoken, and shouldered most of the load. The audience was engaged and enthusiastic. There was a trivia contest to start, with a book giveaway to warm up the audience.  And no, I did not freeze up.  In fact it seemed to end far too soon. I had a blast and am very grateful to the Sno-Isle Library System for putting readers and local authors together.  I could do a hundred of those.  To all the authors out there, librarians are your best friends.  Spend some time to get to know them.

I hope my next event goes as well.  Lisa and I will be at Couth Buzzard Books in Seattle on Saturday November 29th.  The bookstore looks like the place to be.  There’s coffee, espresso, things to nosh on, and occasionally live music.  It’s one of those places a person can spend hours at; it so friendly and there’s so much to do.  Lisa and I will be up from 1 – 2pm, with other authors before and after us.  I think we have to set our own agenda to fill that time.  Another adventure.  I’d love if you could be there to offer support and shield me from Literati thugs.

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