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Posted on December 24, 2014 by in General, Humor | No Comments

Twitter recently ran the hashtag #WorstDateIn5Words. I posted “The police recovered the body.” And the funny thing was, it was true.

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Where’s Waldo – uh, Souza

Posted on October 17, 2013 by in General | No Comments

I am so bad about blogging. For those who check in here once and a while to see what’s going on, I apologize and just want to say, you are the most patient and wonderful people in the world. So what have I been doing over the past few months that kept me so busy that I couldn’t take a few minutes to write a blog? First of all, I’m lazier [...]

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Robyn’s Egg Debuts Soon – A Cross Promotional Opportunity

Posted on May 10, 2012 by in General | 1 Comment

I am a couple weeks from releasing my debut novel, Robyn’s Egg, an Orwellian thriller set in a dystopian future. It’s about a couple trying to attain a baby in a time where, because of biological warfare, all babies have to be cloned and purchased. Moyer Winfield doubts he will make a good father. His wife Robyn, however, is frantic [...]

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My Next Read

Posted on September 26, 2011 by in General | 24 Comments

I love indie authors not only because I am one, but because I believe that the next Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, or Michael Connelly is currently slaving over a laptop trying to make a mark on their own. To be indie means supporting indie and I’m ready to put my wallet where my mouth is – again. I am looking for my next read. Here’s a [...]

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The Importance of First Impressions – Book Covers

Posted on July 14, 2011 by in General | No Comments

We as indie writers carry the burden of promotion. This is no different than a new writer with a big publisher these days. And promotion is just a synonym for sales - a word that makes most writers cringe, or maybe it’s just me. But one of the most effective sales tools in an author’s arsenal is passive...It’s your book’s cover.

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Souza’s Rules to Live By

Posted on June 17, 2011 by in General | No Comments

Remember that everything I know I was taught by someone else, even if only by watching them. I thought I'd share the best of what I've learned.

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