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My next novel, Zombie-saurus Rex is coming soon, Spring  I hope. You can read the first chapter here to see if it’s for you.

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Road Kill first appeared in 10Flash. If you ever have the chance to work with K.C. Ball, jump at it. She’s a great editor and will make you a better writer.

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Into the Garden also first appeared in 10Flash. K.C. pressed me to make this a better story, and after several rounds of prompting and editing, it came together.

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Man-Speak is an interactive attempt to tickle your funny bone. It’s a humorous little politically incorrect project I started which now sits on the back burner. I have it up for laughs and to show not everything I do is horror. There might be updates from time to time as I fill in more definitions and categories. If you would like to take part and contribute to the fun, drop me a line with your idea. If I like it, I’ll put it in along with credit to the contributor. Feel free to borrow from this, but please give credit to the source and a link would be awesome.

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