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Wet Coast Writers – is a cooperative of screenwriters hellbent on making a mark in Hollywood. Visit us and come along on the adventure.

J. A Konrath  – If you want to know the Ins and Outs of the publishing business from an author’s perspective, this is the place. No one has done more to take control of his career than Joe, and no one has done more to help new authors. If you want to learn how to self-publish, this is the place.  And let’s face it, Joe is a lot of fun.

The Query Shark – The query process can be daunting for a new author and is a requirement for getting a foot in the door. There’s no better way to learn the format and Do’s and Don’ts than by seeing a string of query letters marked up with an agent’s comments. Find out what works and what doesn’t.

Ray Rhamey –  is an editor and has a site called Flogging the Quill, where authors send in the first sixteen lines of a work in progress for review. Ray stresses that for a new author, a reader must be hooked in the first page or else she won’t turn to page 2, or buy the book. Learn what a scintillating first page looks like, and learn from Ray’s edits how to edit your own work. And if you’re gutsy, send in the first page of your work in progress for review.

Nathan Bransford – is an energetic author and former agent from San Francisco full of insights into the business. The man never sleeps. Chuck Norris is in awe of Nathan. His website is fun as well as informative. He has run contests offering his blog followers the opportunity to send in full manuscripts, and play agent for a day by reading though a slew of queries to see who could pick out the viable books.

Lynn Price – is Editorial Director for Behler Publications and has a beagle that mixes margaritas. Need I say more. She shares what types of behavior from authors are likely to get an editor’s Vicky Secrets in a bunch. Learn how to put your best foot forward and how to avoid the mistakes that will hold an author back.

10Flash – is a free flash fiction site run by K.C. Ball, and the place where I was first published. I can’t say enough good things about K.C. Her editorial input sharpened my stories and made me look at my work more critically. If you are a new author looking for a place to get your start, or a fan of flash fiction, this is the place for you.

Marianne Halbert –  has had short stories in many of the same anthologies as me. She’s a very talented author and fun to read. She is currently working on her first novel. Her writing career is about to take off, and when it does, remember that you heard it here first.

Greg Huber is a talented author of speculative fiction. He offers readers four free stories; Wishes – The Book, Voice of the Water, Tickity-Tockity, and Rejection. Start reading and discover a new favorite author.

Rebecca Vickery – is a very talented author who blends a touch of horror and fantasy into her romance. Her fusion is something unique. Visit Rebecca’s blog and check her out.

Jessica A Weiss – is an author of horror, fantasy, and suspense, who frequently blurs the lines between genres. Her stories have appeared in many of the same anthologies as mine. Jessica is my daughter’s favorite author.

The Indie Spotlight – a place for independent authors and readers to come together. Greg Banks runs a top flight site to promote independent authors and their work. Bookmark his page and visit often. Get the word out about Greg so he can get the word out about you.

So I Interviewed an Author – run by Ezekial Bethshame unites readers and independent authors. Ezekial’s insightful and inspired interviews highlight new novels and exposes readers to new authors. This sight is new and shows a lot of promise. Check back weekly.

D. Nathan Hlliard –  is author of The Ways of Khrem and The Barrow Wolf, and fellow Pill Hill anthology mate.

Martin T. Ingham – science fiction and fantasy author whose novels include The Guns of Mars, Prisoner of Time, The Rogue Investigations, and Virtuals Wiles. He is also a talented writer of short stories.

Gwen Mayo – is author of the novel Circle of Dishonor,  and talented writer of short stories.

Nye Joell Hardy – is author of The Crows of Bedu, and talented writer of short stories.

Harper Hull – multi genre author of Last of the Kjett, a prolific writer of short stories included in numerous anthologies, and owner of the coolest author’s name since Harper Lee.

Gerald Costlow – fantasy author of The Weaving, and coming soon, A Plethory of Powers.

Matthew Moses – is author of Proxies of Fate.

Matt Nord – is a fellow author who likes his horror dark, and has a penchant for zombies.

C.B. Calsing – talented short story author whose work is included in a long list of anthologies.

Lydia Sharp – is a multi-genre author of fiction, short stories, articles, and reviews.

Robert Cristante – is an Australian horror and fantasy writer who specializes in flash fiction.

John McCuaig – Scottish zombie lover and prolific author of short stories published in numerous anthologies.

Emma Kathryn – is a prolific author of science fiction and fantasy short stories.

Mark Taylor – fellow author and Pill Hill anthology mate specializing in short stories and flash fiction.

William Wood –  is an author of speculative fiction who has many of his short stories included in a variety of anthologies.

Tony Schaab – horror critic and author of horror and science fiction who has had numerous short stories published in anthologies.

Kat Heckenbach – is an author and artist whose work ranges from inspirational to dark fantasy and horror. Her short stories can be found in a variety of anthologies and magazines.