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Zombie-saurus Rex – Available NOW

Zombie-saurus Rex is the story of Rex Morton, a gentle giant who towers over most, hopes he and his single mother can finally find acceptance and a home in the small town of Plain View, Nebraska. Rex yearns to settle down after years of moving from  place to place, but the odds are stacked against him, because Rex is a zombie, and must overcome the prejudice and fear associated with his condition.

Rex’s fiercely protective mother strong arms the local school district into accepting her son by threatening a lawsuit. At Plain View High, Rex falls for fiery goth girl, Ariella Klopenstein, the daughter of the Police Chief. While Rex struggles to fit in, Ariella would do anything to be different, anything not to wind up stuck in Plain View.

As the Z-virus spreads west and the country panics, Rex and Ariella must find a way to overcome his mother who wants to break them apart and flee town, a school principal who wants him expelled, Ariella’s father, the Police Chief, who thinks Rex is dangerous, and a government zombie round-up aimed at solving the zombie problem once and for all.

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