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Why Robyn’s Egg?

Robyn’s Egg is a futuristic thriller set in Capital City (formerly Indianapolis) scheduled for publication May 23rd on Amazon. It started as a short story about a couple trying to save up for a cloned baby. It quickly grew into something more.

At the time of its writing, the world had fallen into a Great Depression-like recession – not as bad, though close. The cause behind it was greed inspired fraud on an unprecedented scale. Even before the sub-prime mortgage disaster, I had been concerned about where we are going as a nation, where unbridled greed was taking us, about the bleeding of the middle class, and about the loss of community. These issues are at the heart of Robyn’s Egg. I couldn’t sit by and say nothing.

George Orwell did a masterful job in his novel 1984  warning against the rise of oppressive, fascist, military governments and how the future might look if they took control. 1984  was a natural outgrowth of the time in which it was written. Nazi Germany had only recently been defeated, Benito Mussolini had recently been cut down from the gallows, and the Soviet Union’s Joseph Stalin was loudly rattling his atomic saber.

Since then, the complexion of the world has changed greatly. The Soviet Union no longer exists. Russians now wear Levi’s, drink Coke, and attend rock concerts. The new entities vying for absolute control are corporations, and they have successfully entwined their fingers into every aspect of government, manipulating senators, congressmen, and even presidents like marionettes.

Times have changed and corporate government has become a much greater threat than fascism. The truly disturbing aspect of my novel is how much of the future world of Robyn’s Egg already exists today. Over the coming weeks, I will blog about what I see that has me so concerned.